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Dubai: People can take simple steps to protect themselves and others from the spread of novel coronavirus while using shared public facilities.

Instead of getting panicky and being anxious, people can stay safe from the spread of Covid by following a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene practices, said Dr. Giving tips to follow in such shared public facilities, Dr. For that, he said people have to use a combination of common sense, basic hygiene practices, seek assistance in ensuring cleanliness and be ready to clean up their own surroundings even in shared facilities.

It is our right. If people can carry wet wipes to touch common surfaces and clean their surrounding area, it will be good. While washing or sanitising hands is considered the most important preventive measure against the coronavirus, maintaining a distance of three feet or one metre from people around is also a prudent step to ward off catching an infection, said Dr Aundhekar.

Just as avoiding handshakes and hugs is important while greeting others, people should also be mindful about not touching inappropriately on surfaces in shared facilities. Changing clothes immediately after reaching home and taking a shower twice a day are also additional safety measures that Dr. Aundhekar suggests. You have to dry clean them. He said people should also share the responsibility of not spreading any illness from their side. Cover your face with tissue paper or your flexed elbow while coughing or sneezing.

Since the novel Coronavirus is not waterborne, Dr. Aundhekar said the spread of virus through swimming pool water should not be a cause of concern.

Taking a shower in warm water, not cold or lukewarm water, before and after swimming is recommended, he said. Keeping towels, swim wear and normal clothes for changing in hygienic conditions is also important. Similarly, it is good to follow disinfection techniques in furniture and other seating arrangements. It is important to use disposable blades, threads and waxing sticks and also disinfect the handles of the tools like razors, he said. Since shisha is directly touching mouth, nobody should share same shisha pipe with even friends and family members.

Rohit Bharati, head of marketing - West Zone Group which runs Dubai restaurant Tashan that serves shisha, said the eatery maintains a hygiene checklist. Each section has its separate cleaning material. A strict guideline is followed by the staff which includes change of uniform every shift, wearing hair restraints, sanitising of hands and more.However, we also know that money plays a major factor in your ability to live the way you want.

Having said that, money should never be the end goal. Unfortunately, most of us will not win the big lottery, start a billion dollar company, or inherit millions. This means that while our incomes may increase over time that increase will likely be gradual, and may come in the form of step or merit-based raises, bonuses, or commissions. However, most people find themselves spending money as fast as they make it, gradual increase or not.

We know we play this tune like a broken record, but paying off your debt as fast as you can is one of the most effective ways of having Money Earned through Money Saved. In fact, paying off debt is second only to not accruing debt in the first place! The reason paying off debt as soon as possible is so impactful is because of interest.

Essentially, any loans you have you will pay interest on, which gives the lender extra incentive for loaning the money in the first place.

COVID-19: 10 Do’s and Don’ts To Stay Safe During The Outbreak

The trick with paying off debt at a faster pace than your loan term lies in the fact that any extra you pay goes directly toward the loan balance and not to interest. Thus, making extra payments lowers your overall balance, which lowers the interest paid, which lowers the total amount you will pay to the lender.

Depending on the size of the loan and how much extra you put toward it, the impact on the total you pay can be quite astounding.

dos & donts

Not only does paying down your debt help you to save on interest and shorten the life of the loan, having less debt helps you maintain financial flexibility. Say your car dies and you need another one, or you get in an accident heaven forbid and have medical bills. What if you get laid off or get sick and need to miss work? Long story short, if you increase your income one of the first things you should do with that money is to pay down your debt.

To continue reading, please go to the original article at. Dinar Recaps. Money is nothing more than the means to an end. The Velocity of Money by Virginia Gentleman.

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Gratitude is More Than Attitude. Dinar Recaps Archives.Do limit movement after intercourse. Standing up after intercourse can cause the semen to leak out. Try to wait twenty minutes after sex before getting up and moving around. Do try to keep the sperm inside your vagina longer. You can hold the labia together to try to keep the sperm inside of you. You can also try putting a pillow under your pelvis to help tilt your body so the sperm can travel upwards easier.

Do try to make sex enjoyable. Sometimes when a couple is trying to conceive it will affect the quality of their sex life. More enjoyable sex means higher sperm count and better "swimmers". Do limit male masturbation prior to the days you are trying to conceive.

It will help to increase the man's sperm count and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Wearing Fragrance. Tips How to Apply Perfumes.

Do take prenatal vitamins if you are trying to conceive. Folic acid and other vitamins are very important during the first trimester of pregnancy. Don't drink alcohol or use drugs at the time of conception. This applies to both the male and female. There is strong evidence that alcohol can effect your chances of getting pregnant. Don't douche after having intercourse.

It can wash out the sperm that has just entered your body. Don't have oral sex prior to intercourse. There is some evidence that the bacteria in the mouth can cause damage to male sperm. Don't have anal sex prior to intercourse. Bacteria in the anas can be carried into the vagina from the man's penis. If you do have anal sex before intercourse, make sure your partner washes his penis first.

dos & donts

Umm, eww! I'll pass on the anal sex part! My Ovulation Chart.It's the reason many restaurants and other businesses have closed or mandated seating requirements like keeping barstools six feet apart. The practice is especially important because many people who may have COVID do not immediately show symptoms.

Empty streets, restaurants and cafes make up the business area in the one-mile containment zone on March 11 in New Rochelle, New York. Social distancing has become a trending topic on social media over the last week, with people both encouraging the act and complaining about their social-distancing woes as the U.

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But as more people take part in this practice, many find themselves unsure of how to handle certain situations. Many businesses and schools have already closed to help this effort, but people can make their own individual efforts, too. Here are some ways to do that:. A Transportation Security Administration agent hands a passport back to a traveler as she screens travelers, at a checkpoint inside an airline terminal at John F.

Kennedy Airport in New York. Countries affected by COVID that have enforced social distancing like China and South Korea have experienced a steady decline in cases while countries like Italy, which did not enforce social distancing soon enough, saw an exponential increase in cases. Social distancing seems to have worked in the past. Birx: Social distancing has greatest impact to fight coronavirus from spreading Dr. Deborah Birx discusses the latest data found from coronavirus transmission models.

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The advisory is meant for those of 60 years and above, who are mobile and who are dependent on caregivers. There is a separate section dedicated to the do's and don'ts to ensure mental well being of the elderly. It is explained that people above 60 years face an increased risk, hence the need to take precautions.

It says the elderly with medical conditions like chronic respiratory disease such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic heart, liver or kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension need to be extra cautious about taking precautions. For elderly who are mobile it is recommended to stay at home all the time. If living alone they may consider depending on healthy neighbours for acquiring essential items for home. It is encouraged to talk to family members staying away and to relatives and friends.

It is emphasised that the elderly should refrain from inviting anyone over and hugging and shaking hands to prevent infection. Due to summer it is recommended that the senior citizens consume adequate water to prevent dehydration. More on Covid Coronavirus pandemic: Complete Coverage day lockdown: What will stay open and what won't How to quarantine yourself at home Trust the newspaper for your daily verified news.

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Featured Today in Travel.Nothing causes a video conference call to come to a screeching, awkward halt quite like slow internet speeds, connectivity issues, or malfunctioning hardware. One of the most important things to do before joining a call or hosting one is making sure that your hardware works microphone, speakers, headphones and that your internet speeds are fast enough to support a decent level of quality for a video call.

Fortunately, there are a number of quick online internet speed tests you can use to check your internet connection. For video calling apps like Skype, the required speeds for video calls depends on the complexity of the video call itself. Or maybe you found a quiet place in which you could attend your meeting but the room itself might be distractingly messy or have walls with not-so-bland decor.

For example, Zoom allows its users to add a fun virtual background to their video instead of just showing the contents of their messy rooms. Not every work issue needs to be hashed out via video calls.

Make sure that the topic of discussion is appropriate for a video conference.

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If it can be handled via Slack or an email, then use those methods. Generally speaking, longer conversations and remote training sessions are the best uses for video calls. Video conference calls can be difficult to coordinate especially as the number of participants increases and time-consuming.

Not everyone can just hop on a call, so be mindful of that while deciding whether or not to have a video conference meeting. But if you work from home and have kids or pets it can be hard to find a quiet room to attend your video conference call meeting.

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When background noise is unavoidable, or if your work requires privacy, it may be worth it to use a white noise machine to help drown out excess background noises and muffle your own private conversations. You could try interrupting or talking over someone so you can ask your question. Plus, it can be disruptive to constantly have to stop the flow of the meeting to answer questions as they come up.

So what should you do? This way, you and your colleagues can submit all the questions you want during the meeting without audibly interrupting anyone who is speaking. And then, during a natural lull in the meeting, the presenter or meeting host can answer those questions at their convenience because the questions will be viewable by everyone in the chat message sidebar.

Otherwise, your video conference call will stream the sounds of your movements. Video calling clients like Zoom will often have a microphone icon you can tap on to mute or unmute your microphone during the meeting. You might be tempted to work on other tasks during the video meeting. If possible, try not to do that and just focus on the meeting at hand and being present with your co-workers.

Taking notes on the content discussed during the meeting is fine, but other activities should be kept to a minimum or avoided. Not all video conference calls are created equal and your outfits should match the expectations of your audiences.

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Corona: Elderly at risk, govt lists dos & don’ts for states

The best Zoom alternatives for videoconferencing 21 hours ago.Perhaps this is among the reasons why you haven't started or finished your course. By they way, if it's just too much to run a thriving business and create a course at the same time, I get it. Go with what you know. Unless you plan to have someone else manage your learning management portal, then I highly recommend keeping things as simple as possible by sticking to user-friendly technologies that you - and most importantly - your students will be able to use seamlessly.

Also, widely used technologies have ample support and tutorials available in case anyone runs into challenges. In fact, the lower the cost the better for the technology especially if you are just getting started.

In the first several renditions of your course, you will be focused on your students and getting them results with your curricula. That said, if there is a technology or tool that will help you do that better, then make it a cornerstone in your curriculum.

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Whatever you do, you will want to make sure that onboarding and start-up is quick and easy for students. If the students are not clear on how to get started, access their lessons, or how to take action - then all is lost including your payment because they will ask for a refund! So, consider adding in learner training in an orientation or overview module that precedes the instruction. While it is fairly easy to launch 1 or more courses at a time due to the graces of the Internet, consider spreading out your launches to be able to sufficiently deal with any obstacles, learning curves, or fires that might need putting out.

If all goes smoothly - kudos to you and your team! In case of adversity, my motto is to be safe than sorry and issuing refunds!

dos & donts

Telling is not teaching. I love video for so many reasons, but videos alone will NOT teach your course. Students need to be able to access the materials in order to implement the tools and techniques that you offer. Consider providing a variety of materials or resources when possible to address all learning styles. Also, include examples, templates and worksheets for students to take action when possible.

Work samples, success stories, and templates serve to motivate students and illuminate their learning pathway. Value given is not always value received. Streamline the content and formatting of your modules to set student up for success.

Avoid giving students too much information or too many resources! This will ensure that students stay focused and do the tasks you assign, as well as keep your workload to a minimum. When lessons are straightforward, students get better, more consistent results and avoid overwhelm. Overwhelmed students burn out and move on, looking for quicker, easier solutions.

Communication is key. A good rule of thumb is to get to know your students on a personal level - even in a passive learning or self-study situation. Co-creation is caring. Experimentation is normal - and necessary - to create an amazing digital course! Be upfront with students when you are trying new or different technologies or approaches to teaching.

Oftentimes, students will happily test links and provide their two cents on the effectiveness of lessons or tasks. They love to be a part of the creation process, and you will love it as well. Support systems save the day. Online teaching and learning are slightly different from traditional classrooms, where students can and do raise their hands and receive feedback solicited or unsolicited on a very regular basis.

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